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We are different than all the others. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the very best event photographers in the industry. We don't outsource work to locals. We come to you. Whenever and wherever you need us!

Allow Digital Edge Photography to provide you with a customized event photography quote and let us bring your event to a whole new level!


One of the obvious things you’ll notice about our team of photographers is how friendly we are with everyone. We realize this is important work, but it is also fun for us! We really love what we do, and it shows! Our team brings years of photography experience to your special event.

Our customers require excellence, and we strive to exceed that. We always provide a team of photographers for your event. Let’s face it, a single photographer cannot possibly be everywhere and see everything. Using multiple photographers, we will always capture your most poignant moments. Don’t worry, we got you covered!


Our philosophy on event photography is simple. Photographs capture a moment in time in a tangible form - on a sentimental level, to remember the moment, and on a corporate level, they help promote your business or attract clients to the business. The better the photograph, the stronger the message. Our photographers use state of the art equipment and produce unmatched image quality while delivering the very best value in event photography.

Our team has had photographs and articles published in internationally distributed publications including magazines, websites, newspapers and periodicals. We have recognized ability to work in any situation and help bring your vision to reality.


We love competition just like anyone else. And we really enjoy working any type of sporting event. Whether its a marathon, triathlon, horse show, football game, paintball tournament or an international competition such as the Fairfax 2015 World Police and Fire Games. We can even provide onsite printing as an added enhancement for our customers.

We have photographed events of all types, whether it is a corporate black tie event, company picnic, volunteer installation banquet, special birthday party and even photos with Santa. No event is too small or too large. Digital Edge Photography brings event photography excellence with FLAIR!

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