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Exceptional Wedding Photography

It doesn't matter how many weddings we have photographed over the years, we still get nervous before your special day.  Not because we are not proficient and excel in our trade, but because it's our desire to exceed your expectations.  We scour over the details of your wedding day and put a plan in place to capture your special moments.  Many photographers will try to push 'packages' on you.  Our experience has proven that most customers fall somewhere in-between packages.  That is why we prefer to work out a customized plan that checks off all your 'must haves' while remaining in budget.






Every picture should tell a story

We prescribe to the notion that the most precious moments are captured when they are least expected.  Those candid moments that are not posed or rehearsed.  Those opportunities of pure, raw emotion.  







Go with the flow

Let's face it, not everything always goes as planned.  We have found that you can turn those challenges into unexpected gems.  Go ahead, seize the moment...we'll be right there to capture it.





don't worry, be happy!

We know that wedding's can be very stressful and exhausting on the bride and groom.  You're worried about every little detail, and are being pushed and pulled in every direction.  Take comfort in knowing that our exceptional team of photographers will be well prepared and ready to go!