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At Digital Edge Photography, we are more than just photographers.

We help bring your treasured moments to life....

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We prescribe to the notion that the most precious moments are captured when they are least expected.  Those candid moments that are not posed or rehearsed.  Those opportunities of pure, raw emotion.  


Let's face it, not everything always goes as planned. We have found that you can turn those challenges into unexpected gems. Go ahead, seize the moment...we'll be right there to capture it.


Wedding's can be very stressful and exhausting for the bride and groom. We've been there! You're worried about every little detail, and are being pushed and pulled in every direction. Take comfort in knowing that our exceptional team of photographers will be well prepared and ready to go!


Some of our favorite weddings celebrate the bride and grooms family heritage. Be proud of where you came from, and to where you’re headed. Digital Edge Photography will exceed your expectations and will masterfully create portraits that will be cherished for generations.


We have photographed weddings in many different locations. Whether you host your wedding at a farm, country club, fire station or in your backyard, our photographers stand ready to capture images that reflect your personality.


Photographs open doors into the past, but they also allow a look into the future.

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